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What to Read After the Life is Hell Series - Demon Heart Series

A square image with a black background and deep red octopuses in each corner. The cover of Shadow and Silk, Demon Heart book 1 by Richard Amos is in the center.

Shadow & Silk

Demon Heart book 1

Richard Amos

Tags: demons, witches, assassins, demon romance, urban fantasy romance, mm romance, gay romance, enemies-to-lovers

Note: I started the Demon Hearts series not knowing there was one before it that ties in. You don't need to read the Midnight Magic series in order to follow this one, but the Demon Hearts books reference some happenings and characters from that series.

As the story opens, Roman is still in the throes of grief over his grandmother's death, and wishes he could take a break from life for a bit. But, being the Queen's assassin doesn't give him that luxury. He's sworn to obey her, no matter what.

Things begin to change for Roman when he has an unexpected encounter with a demon (Xavier) on the run. Between the entrance of a demon into his life, and the increasingly erratic behavior of the Queen, he beings to question if he's following the right path.

Shadow & Silk has a superb cast of characters. Each with layered personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. As is expected of enemies-to-lovers, there is some relationship angst, which I was totally on board with. A bit less angst than the stories in the Midnight Magic series (which I'm currently reading and has me on an emotional rollercoaster that's feeding my masochistic tendencies), but it still gave a good push/pull vibe.

There is a great balance of story line and steam. I find it a more enjoyable read when there is solid story to go along with the sexy times.

If you're looking for a story with action, adventure, danger, and romance, the Demon Hearts series might be for you!


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