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Naomi Valkyrie

Paranormal Romance ~ Urban Fantasy Romance


Naomi Valkyrie, often called a Firebrand Provocateur, brings her unique Autistic perspectives and curiosities to life by weaving tales of deep connection, mystery, and romance. She is inspired by being able to spontaneously create a thought that takes on a life of its own, opening up new adventures for her readers.

The Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy realms are particular areas of interest for Naomi as they allow for the vast exploration of magic, adventure, and the impossible while creating diverse characters that her readers connect with on an emotional level.

When she isn’t attending to familial connections, Naomi loves a dark, comfy reading space surrounded by the symbolism of her spiritual archetypes and her daemon/familiars, while she sips her tea and immerses herself in imagination.

What to expect:

-An overall steam factor of 1 or 2

-Most bedroom scenes are implied or fade-to-black

-Novellas, Quick Reads

-Various relationship pairings (M/M, F/F, M/F, Polyam)

-Character Driven Stories

-Swear Words

-Mild Violence

Naomi Valkyrie's Library

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