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The Widow

A year after her husband’s death, Vashti grows weary of the grief and loneliness that plagues her.

Forcing herself to leave the sanctuary of her mansion, she ventures into town. Although Vashti intends to maintain her privacy, she finds herself compelled to take in a recently single college student.

When Absalom’s girlfriend is caught cheating, he ends up with no place to go. Vashti’s offer of housing in exchange for companionship seems heaven sent, even if it does come with a strangely specific contract.

Things are going well for both Vashti and Absalom until his friend Simeon enters the picture. With his entrance into their lives he brings unwanted drama with him. The privacy Vashti has worked so hard to protect is suddenly endangered, and Absalom sees everything he’s built with Vashti begin to crumble.

When lives are threatened, will Vashti’s solution to the problem alter the course of their lives forever?

The Widow

Genre: Gothic Paranormal Romance

Romantic Suspense
All is not as it seems
Emotional Scars

Third Person

Content Notice: Emotional Manipulation, violence

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