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The Final Bite

Every ten years, the gods choose a being from the paranormal world who has been unjustly killed and offers them a second chance at life.

The catch?

They must take a mate, and they only have three days to do it. Oh, and they can only choose once. If the person they choose for a mate rejects them – it’s straight back to paranormal purgatory.

Fortunately for me, I, Quinnlan Trinity, am the chosen one.

Unfortunately for me, the trickster gods must have gotten into the mix because they drop me at an abandoned motel in the middle of nowheresville with three days’ worth of clothing, sans underwear, and a wad of cash.


I've got two days left when I find a guy bleeding out, thanks to a suspicious group of wolf shifters. I could save him, but if I do, that means choosing him as my mate and risking rejection.

Is he the one? Or, by saving him, am I dooming myself to a trip back to the afterlife?

The Final Bite

Genre: M/M Romance, Vampire Romance, Paranormal Romance, Halloween Romance

Chosen Mates
Life & Death Decisions
I need to convince him I'm the one he wants
Why did they send me here without any underwear?

Single POV - First Person

Word Count: 6,891

Content Notice: Violence

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