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Sure As Hell

Life is Hell ~ Book 4

Juniper Lake, the place where I found family and a best friend. A place where I might finally find myself.

I’m Jaru Fane, imp demon, and former contract companion. I put up a good front, but often feel like I’m falling apart.

In a supportive environment for the first time, I’ve found my calling in life - opening a contract companion business that’s safer for courtesans than the ones I worked for in the past. However, running a business doesn’t leave me a lot of time to socialize. My best friend, Lark, isn’t happy about it. And anyone who knows Larkspur, knows that’s not a good thing. A bored pixie inevitably leads to chaos.

When Lark starts popping up in my office to spend time with me and starts learning more about worldly things, unanticipated feelings develop between us. But I should have known I’d be more of a curse than a blessing. Most days I can barely keep myself together. Why did I think I would be good enough for him?

As if my inner turmoil isn’t enough, an unexpected threat appears, putting not only my business in jeopardy, but Lark in danger, as well. There’s only one thing to do. Hire the protection services of my sometimes lover, Soren.

Sensing the spark between my bodyguard, Soren, and Lark, I know what I have to do. I have to let Lark go. It’s the only way to keep the disaster that is my life from ruining Lark’s innocence.

But before I can set everything up, Lark’s impulsive heart gets him captured.

I want justice, but it’s slow in coming. It’s up to me to take action. I may not be good for much, but I’ll avenge Lark’s suffering, even if no one ever knows.

Just when everything has been laid to rest, and I’ve resigned to moving on, Lark throws me off kilter by professing his love for me in true Larkspur style.

After all we’ve been through, will my inner demons keep me from accepting his love?

Sure As Hell is a slow-burn, friends-to-lovers, polyamorous, MM Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance.

Sure As Hell

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance, M/M Romance

Found Family
Friends to Lovers
Good vs. Evil
Neurodivergent Character
I want him, but I can't be what he needs
Multiple Partner Relationships
Pranks are life!

Dual POV - First Person

Word Count: 38,138

Content Notice: Violence, trafficking, mild BDSM style situations

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