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Something Wicked

Life is Hell ~ Book 6

I wasn’t paying attention, and people died…

I’m Madok Dion – witch, underground resistance member, and widower.

Ever since my friend disappeared and the underground took me into confidence, I’ve been focused on saving as many paranormal beings as possible. Maybe that’s why I never noticed my wife was working for the other side. When she was killed and her betrayal discovered, I doubled my efforts out of a sense of guilt that I hadn’t seen what was happening in my own house.

Kasim is a distraction. My only focus now should be doling out justice for the people I could have saved if I had just been more observant. But I can’t seem to shake him. He shows up when I’m at my weakest points. He’s in my thoughts. He’s in my bed. I need him gone, but I can’t let him go. We need him to help save the world.

Can I trust myself enough to allow Kasim to get close to me and still maintain focus on the path to redemption without putting the entire world in jeopardy?

Something Wicked

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