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The Rise of House Valdis

House Valdis ~ Book 1

When Xenobia arrived on Earth seven years ago she was given an opportunity to start over. Maggie, her best friend, is the only one who knows what she really is. Walking in on Maggie being beaten, Xen makes a split-second decision that begins a series of events which threaten to expose her true nature, and her heart.

With danger looming, Xen is required to face her trust issues and self-doubt in order to traverse the unexpected world she finds herself mixed up in. She must decide whether the lives of her chosen family are worth exposing her secret, and whether she is willing to accept her new role and the responsibility that comes with it.

The Rise of House Valdis

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance/Paranormal Romance

Reluctant Leader
Found Family
Unexpected Powers
Multiple Partner Relationships

Multiple POVs - First Person

Word Count: 46, 061

Content Notice: Violence toward women, other violence

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