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Kaleidoscope Romance


COMING 10/31/24

by Sinister Styx

I woke up with no memory of who I am. And watching the writhing tentacles of a monster pull a stag into the lake for lunch tells me I’m not in my own world anymore.

But where tf am I?

I want to believe I’m trapped in a nightmare, but the horrors are all too real. No, not the monsters – the two brothers whose prison I’ve fallen into.

They both want me because I’m their ticket out of this godforsaken place. I’ve become the prize in their twisted rivalry.

I just want to go home. But in order to do that, I’ve got to stop fighting and give in to their brutish ways. Because as much as I’m their key to escape, they are mine. We’re all bound by circumstance with only one way out...

Let them have me.

Limbo cover.jpg


Rebel & Riot
by Sinister Styx

We were born together. We fight together. And if it comes down to it, we’ll die together.


We’ve been everything to each other our entire lives – or so I thought. There’s one boundary we’ve never crossed, and lately I find myself ready to obliterate it.

We’re not good people. The things we’ve done no upstanding person would ever consider on their darkest day. So why is this the thing that makes me hesitate?


My world would end without him. I can’t risk us on the possibility he’d see me differently if he knew.

But then he’s taken, and I realize I’ll risk it all for him. Every time. For eternity.

Rebel & Riot cover.png
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