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Corpse Pixie

Respect the dead, and become one of them.


He’s my new obsession and the key to avenging my people. René is the only one who cares about the dead, because he knows deep loss. We’re kindred spirits. I’ll give him relief from his pain, and he’ll give me everything – including his life.


Three years of being steeped in death, booze, and pills have finally caught up with me. I think I might be cracking apart. Who is the otherworldly woman that visits me in the darkness? She’s the new addiction I can’t give up; and she’s left her mark on me – literally.

Corpse Pixie

Genres: Dark Paranormal Romance, Dark Urban Fantasy, Romantic Suspense

Good vs. Evil
Reluctant Hero
Moral Ambiguity

Word Count: 18,421

Content Notices:
Emotional Manipulation
Mentions of alcohol & drug abuse

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