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The Alien and the Crime Boss

An alien and an aspiring crime boss meet in the woods…


With my plan to weaken the two major crime families set in motion, I retreat to a remote cabin to wait out the destruction and plan my takeover. None of my plans included a man claiming to be from another planet.

Believing he’s been sent to kill me, his ridiculous claim a distraction meant to throw me off, I hold him prisoner. But then he goes and saves my life. Maybe there’s something to this alien thing after all. One thing is certain, my pathway to power just got a whole lot easier with him on my side.

All I have to do now is stay focused on the mission and not get distracted by the allure of my otherworldly hero.


After fleeing the authorities on my home planet to avoid the punishment of the fighting arena, I awake on Earth only to find I’ve exchanged one prison for another. The difference is, I can tell the wary human holding me captive won’t harm me. He might be reluctant to believe I’m not human, but deep-down he knows I’m not a threat.

Despite his suspicion, he treats me well and even initiates the betrothal ritual. Which is why when people show up in the middle of the night intending to kill him, I call upon my warrior spirit to defend him; the very warrior spirit I’d sworn never to use, because I fear losing myself to my primal nature.

Now, Kasper has made me a part of his mission to rise to the top; but how can I be certain it’s me he truly wants? What if I’m just a pawn in his struggle for power – only good for my talents, but not worthy of his love?

This story was originally published in the Aliens on Earth anthology.

The Alien and the Crime Boss

Genre: M/M Romance, Alien Romance, Mafia Romance

Reluctant Mates
Only One Bed
Accidental Engagement

Dual POV - First Person

Word Count: 14,495

Content Notice: Violence

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