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It Comes From Within

House Valdis ~ Book 2

After six months, the stress of the House Valdis expansion is starting to take its toll on everyone. Xenobia has taken her time with the transition in an effort to show the former House Muerte members that she is not like their former Master.

Unfortunately, her good intentions have left the way wide open for insurrection. An unsanctioned blood den is discovered, and in the process of investigating the parties involved, an unexpected enemy is revealed.

The new discovery sends Xenobia on a trip down memory lane. Will she find that her memories are the solution to victory, or will they only be there to haunt her forever?

It Comes From Within

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance/Paranormal Romance

Reluctant Lead
Found Family
The past haunts you
Secrets are dangerous
Multiple Partner Relationships

Multiple POVs - First Person

Word Count: 39,508

Content Notice: Violence, murder

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